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Leaders First - Build up your Organization's Leadership Capacity
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Gene Morton
Gene Morton

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
The Challenge


“This has brought about a renewed sense of teamwork by both managers and staff. My managers refer to this as the most important tool
you taught them.”
President, General Contractor

“Over 10 years later we still refer to our (accountabilities). These are our anchors. We still tie them to performance evaluation. They have stood the test of time.”
Vice Chancellor, State University

Each of your top leader must deliver precise outcomes in order for your company to survive and prosper.

Your structure of leadership is used to....

  • Learn to define and deliver precise, customer-satisfying outcomes.
  • Foster cooperation and coordination among the leaders of diverse departments
  • Foster collaborative planning and decision making at the top
  • Organize leadership teams for high performance
  • Set a foundation for company performance management
  • Implement organization changes: Mergers, acquisitions, projects and teams

Fuzzy outcomes leads to jockeying for position, organizational politics and role redundancy. Disruptive conflicts flourish, causing performance to suffer.

Six Bold Steps makes finger-pointing, dissension and blaming unnecessary when you have....

  1. Clear Outcomes: Defined and honed to a precision that pinpoints how your company is unique.

  2. Acceptance of Personal Accountability—the willingness to be called to account for the fulfillment of a duty or execution of a trust.

  3. Clear Roles: Individuals commit to consistently produce their outcome accountability while integrating with the work of others.

“You have just guided us to the successful completion of a most difficult assignment .... the clarification of the various professional and administrative roles involved in the management of our numerous programs. The role descriptions agreed upon are being distributed and the process of implementation is now under way.”

CEO, Mental Health Centers



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